Possible False Flag? – USS Enterprise Makes Way Towards Middle East Theater

With friction building near Iran, tensions are high.  Is it possible that the establishment wishes to orchestrate another underhanded despicable false flag in order to further their vile agendas?

The USS enterprise, which is the oldest carrier in the fleet, is making its way towards the Middle East Theather. The fact that it should be decommissioned next year, should give one pause.

Decommissioning is estimated to last up to eight years, and cost anywhere between $300 million to $500 million.

Powered by Eight Nuclear Reactors, this behemot would make the perfect sacrifical lamb to vault humanity into a new World War scenario.

Why move this relic to harms way?  The same reason Franklin Roosevelt moved a bunch of obsolete warships from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.

Does something loom under the water?  Time will tell.

Take heed & keep your ears to the ground.


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