Counterparty Risk Is Economic Suicide – You Have Been Warned

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The days of financial ignorance should be long gone. Our very futures depend on the information we know, and if the information we ‘know’ is tainted, then what are we to do?

Best protection one can have during these days is the truth.  The establishment will not tell you the dollar keeps loosing value – as it has been since the inception of the “Federal” Reserve.  Did you know that since 1913 the dollar has lost 97% of its value?  [1]

Do you think there is any evidence that this is going to stop?

One main issue everyone should ponder is that of inflation.  Inflation is the vehicle that drains the people of this planet of monstrous amount of purchasing power and potential wealth.  The dilemma we have been facing as a planet for some time is not that items are getting “more expensive,” it is that the fiat dollar, which is the world reserve currency and is backed by nothing of substance except air, is loosing “value” [even though it is inherently worthless, as it truly is only paper] by even their standards.

But the mainstream media presstitutes will not tell you or even hint at how to protect yourself.  They will not tell you to purchase food in advance to hedge againts inflation, before it gets even more expensive.  They sure don’t tell you that precious metals are one of the best ways to protect your assets & purchasing power.

Did you know that Gold and Silver have crushed nigh every single asset in the last ten years?

Mainstream media will tell you Gold is in a bubble every so often, and Silver even more so.  But yet, these tangible assets that are constantly ‘in a bubble’ keep outperforming all other assets and leaving them in the dust.  Sure, some will say that Silver ‘broke even’ last year, but its up 20%+ this year and they sure don’t mention that fact and the fundamentals couldn’t be better.

The mainstream media also does not mention that the possibility of a Bank Run this year is very likely.  Heaven forbid they told you to keep money away from the banks just in case they go belly up or there is some form of Economic Martial Law, because that would be ‘insane.’

Insanity is leaving one’s assets, savings, pensions, and everything in between as digital numbers on screens, which are overwhelmingly inherent to counter-party risk.

Gerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute has even postulated that there will be some form of Martial Law Implemented this year:

He is also not the only individual sending smoke signals that something is very wrong.  [As a side note, it should be known that Gerald Celente was one of only a handful of individuals that was able to accurately predict the economic downturn that took place in 2008 – and he predicted this in 2007.  When this gentleman speaks, one should listen.] [2 – video below]

A prime example of what is wrong today can be seen in the situation that unfolded with MFGlobal.  What took place in MFGlobal was so blatant, that it almost seems ludicrous.  Money and assets were stolen – plain and simple.

For instance, would it not be disconcerting to you if for example you are one of the lucky few people who still has a lot [or even any?] money or assets in the digital system and, say that, due to “unforeseeable” circumstances [corruption, etc.] someone downright steals money, such as what happened in the MFGlobal ‘mishap’, to the point that $1.6 billion dollars could go missing, and then have NOBODY accountable for it?

One would think in the land of Big Brother, it would take days [not even!], tops, say weeks, to find the money.  But no, after months, The Powers That Be state it is ‘nowhere to be found.’  Furthermore, they got the brass balls to tell us that no crimes were commited even though are still attemptint to cover up their crimes.  [3]

What are they waiting for?  Five Billion Dollars to go missing?  What about Ten Billion?  I am being serious here.

Similar to what took place in MFGlobal, a massive amount of wealth [many trillions] was stolen via fraud and deceit from the people of this world in the previous economic downturn in 2008.  And the next one we face should make the last one look like a walk in the park.

For a fact, it will be the greatest wealth transfer we will ever see up to now.  I have no doubt that in my mind.

A wise man once said, wealth is not destroyed, it is merely transferred.  This is exactly what is taking place, and will continue to take place until people realize that feeding the beast, is not the solution.  Paying debt with debt to fund more debt, on wars of debt and a system built on rampant debt can only cause MORE debt.  It should be obvious, and yet they keep trying to solve the dilemmas with the same type of thinking it took to create them.  That cannot be done.  Much of this is by design, but it matters not.  What matters is that it is taking place and it is undeniable.

The time to play offense with one’s asset is done, for now.  It is time to play defense.  If one has counter-party risk, by putting money in banks, or by having paper assets, thence you are playing a dangerous game – one that the Banksters have finetuned for quite some time.

When many Banks go Belly Up, you will see what I mean.  It’s not a question of if, it is a matter of when.  Central Banks are insolvent, and if it were not for the rampant money printing from the Fed, and the bailouts to the too big to jail we would be in a completely different stratosphere at this moment in time.  It will take a downright miracle to change the system from the ponzi scheme it currently is.[4]

In any case, I implore you, consider of where you have the most counter party risk.  Do your research, protect your assets in places that have no counter party risk, because if $1.6 Billion can be stolen without anyone blinking, far more than that stands to be loss in the nigh future. [5]





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