9/11 – Then as a Farce

via: TheIntelHub
By Liam Scheff
June 20, 2012

An excerpt from “Official Stories” Chapter 4: “9/11 – A Perfect Tuesday Morning

The Salomon Brothers Building Has Fallen. Almost.

Building 7 of the WTC complex, a 47-story modern skyscraper, fell at free-fall speed, a pure, perfect demolition. It came down at 5:20 in the afternoon. It had some scattered, isolated fire damage. and some damage from falling debris on one side.

No one was injured in the total collapse, because the firefighters knew it would be coming down. But not because buildings usually came down from mild damage and a few limited fires.

They knew because they were told; they got the word from Larry Silverstein. He said, “Pull it.” And he did say that, too and he even says it on video. You can write him and ask him what he meant, if you want to be lied to.

After he said, “pull it,” the building fell downward at free-fall speed, in a perfect sheet – twenty stories just hanging together, sliding down as though they were being cranked into a box beneath the surface.

The descent ended as a three-story pile of metal pieces, ready to be towed away. It was clearly imploded. Why? Because of what it contained. But we’ll get to that.

At a few minutes to five that day, the BBC broadcast live video feed from Jane Standley in New York. The anchor said that Building 7, the Salomon brothers building has fallen. “Jane, what more can you tell us about the Salomon building and its collapse.”

She replied, “Well, only really what you already know. Details are very, very sketchy.” She went on to describe the scene in New York, but all the while, on camera, you can see just behind her head and over her left shoulder, Building 7 standing tall in the skyline.

This went on for a couple minutes. It’s clearly a live feed with smoke and activity in the background and a slight shift in angle as the camera moves.

They’re still talking when the video begins to cut out and disappears. The anchor says, “Well, unfortunately, I think we’ve lost the line with Jane Standley in Manhattan. Perhaps we can rejoin her and follow that up later.”

“Later,” as in, after the building collapses in 20 minutes?

At 4:20 pm, CNN reporter Aaron Brown told the live audience that Building 7 of the WTC “had collapsed or is collapsing.” The video showed the WTC complex. Building 7 stood erect and strong, like a good building will. He seemed to have no clue as to which was building 7. Why should he have? His role was to report that it was down. He just got the pages too early.

The answer to the question you want to ask is simple: Because it was scripted, from the start. That’s how they knew to report that the building had collapsed. Because it was supposed to have collapsed. It was probably supposed to have been hit by the airplane that got off-script over Pennsylvania, the one that was shot down… but, hold on, we’re getting there.

Then as a Farce

Every good counter-argument has one really shitty piece of official evidence to mock and deride. In the 9/11 official version, it is Hani Hanjour. Hani was supposed to have piloted the jumbo jet into the Pentagon. And let’s just have fun with it.

It’s fair to say that the official flight path defies sanity, reason, brevity, logic and physics. In the official version, the maybe five-foot-four Hanjour, after beating into submission the six foot-four ex-Navy pilot (Charles Burlingame, whose family said, “What the fuck are you talking about? That NEVER would have happened!”) took the controls of the jumbo jet liner and without air-traffic assistance, turned it back from the Ohio/Kentucky border, flew into the airspace of the seat of United States Government in Washington and directly over the most important military building in the world – without being shot down.

After passing over the Pentagon and leaving it behind, he apparently changed his mind and from 8,000 feet made a 3,500 foot per minute descending 270° hairpin turn with a 250,000 pound machine, at 400+ miles per hour, while operating the vertically and horizontally arrayed, redundantly complex flight computer and data systems on the massive 757 instrument panels. He knocked over a couple of light posts and levitated over the lawn at 530 miles per hour, finally managing to wedge the plane into the ground floor of the Pentagon, without bothering the grass stretched out in front of it, at all.

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