The Importance Of Eating Organic

June 27, 2012

The presentation below carried out by the young child is a great starting point to illustrate the benefits of organic food.  This child also touches upon toxins in the food supply.

If you wish to know more about organic food you can take a gander at these links:

Organic Foods Provide More Than Health Benefits
New Study Confirms – Organic Food Is Far Healthier Than Conventional 
Raw organic foods have stronger ‘energy field’ than cooked or pasteurized conventional foods

Always make sure to research what you intake daily.  Make sure to verify that the type of sustenance you are eating is actually beneficial to you, because they are many products labeled ‘natural’, which are everything but natural such as this link.

My family and myself made the mistake for far too long of believing the ‘natural’ label lies.   We just want to make sure other people’s health does not suffer due to the lies pushed through by the big corporations using outright deceit for profits which directly risks the populace’s health far too often.


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