It Won’t Be Too Long Before The Gold/Silver Market Manipulation Scandal Goes Mainstream … BIG TIME!

via: GoldSeek
by: Bill Murphy
July 9, 2012

Times are finally changing. It will never be at the speed the GATA camp expects, yet slowly but surely our time is coming. The GATA camp will be proven correct and it will evolve into one of the most grotesque scandals in history … dwarfing the Enron, Madoff, MF Global and Barclays scandals combined, in terms of its effects on financial markets around the world.

First of all, it has come to my attention that in January 2011 JP Morgan, for some yet unknown reason, was compelled to stop manipulating the silver market. That is when the price of silver went vertical to the upside…

Silver practically went straight up to $49 an ounce. THEN, it collapsed for no apparent reason. That reason, from my most well informed source, was that JPM came back into the market in June. Now, if that is the case, JPM worked through some sort of auxiliary account to overnight raid silver in the earliest of May in 2011, because that is when The Gold Cartel/JP Morgan went into combative action in earnest to crash the price down…

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