Coast To Coast – Richard Sauder Ph.D Discusses The Black Budget & Underground Bases

July 18, 2012

Richard Sauder Ph.D, who is author of the unparalleled books Hidden In Plain Sight & Underwater And Underground Bases, speaks about the black budget program as well as Deep Underground Military Bases [DUMBs] in this interview on Coast to Coast.

Richard has done extensive research into this esoteric subject, and has learned a veritable amount of information regarding the intricacies that are involved within the Black Budget covert world.

Throughout his ironclad archival research, Mr. Sauder has gone on to catalog many Underground Bases in the United States and has also learned that many of these covert facilities in fact employ technology that is far greater than the mainstream world could fathom.

As a side note that might be helpful to put things into perspective, please keep in mind that there was a study released by two people affiliated by the Stansford Research Institute [T.G. Warfield & L.R. Parkinson] in 1968 named “Feasibility of Manned In-Bottom Bases” that is covered by Richard Sauder Ph.D. in his book Hidden in Plain Sight, in which he discusses the study, which points out that the approximate cost of constructing 30 Undersea Bases [In-bottom & On-Bottom] was to be about $2.7 Billion Dollars.

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