Enough senators vow to vote against the Law of the Sea Treaty – again

via: NaturalNews
Thursday, July 19, 2012
By: J. D. Heyes

[NaturalNews] With so much more government “involvement” in the lives of ordinary Americans these days than our Founding Fathers would have put up with (by half), the last thing the country needs is to be forced to answer to a host of global bureaucrats.

And yet if “LOST” – the Law of the Sea Treaty – ever passes the U.S. Senate, it will become the law of the land, and as such, would drive the final stake into the heart of U.S. sovereignty.

According to reports Monday, the treaty is dead again for now – thanks to the pledge of enough U.S. senators to make passage impossible.

Reports in May and June have documented the increasing number of senators (treaties have to be approved by the Senate) opposed to the LOST treaty. Those early reports put the magic number at 34 senators who had to pledge opposition in order for a vote on the treaty to fail (two-thirds Senate majority – 67 votes – are needed to approve treaties).

Blog site RedState.com reported this week that the magic number has finally been reached, thanks to Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.

The bad treaty that just won’t go away

The treaty has generally been pushed by statists and globalists since it was first written three decades ago.

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