Alarmists Fake Grassroots Effort to Guarantee Carbon Taxes

via: OccupyCorporatism
by: Susanne Posel
July 20, 2012

In 2011, Congressman Pete Stark introduced a bill entitled the Save Our Climate Act (SOCA), wherein he proposed a tax on carbon dioxide as a “straightforward way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, spur development of alternative energy, slow climate change, and decrease our deficit.”

In order to deter America’s “addiction to burning fossil fuels”, this initiative would impose “a tax on each ton of carbon dioxide contained in a fuel. The tax is imposed upstream, at the point of manufacture or import where it is easiest to administer.”

The tax would “increase every year at a predictable rate” which would allow governmental bureaucracy to control and eventually put an end to dependence on fossil fuels. This scheme would also allocate taxpayer funds currently untapped toward the national deficit to pay for US government spending.

The Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is pressuring Capitol Hill to reintroduce this bill in letters to elected officials that use fear-mongering of man-made climate change as the purpose of such legislation. The CCL claim: “As evidence keeps mounting about the dangerous trajectory of human-induced climate change, it becomes clear that Earth’s natural systems are rapidly approaching tipping points for global warming. Failure to act now will doom future generations to one cataclysm after another –shortages of food and water, displacement of millions from rising sea levels, more frequent and severe weather disasters, and the breakdown of civil society.”

CCL offers training courses to “empower volunteers” to speak to elected officials, sample letters directed at Capitol Hill, and National Conference Calls in an effective indoctrination tool that creates armies of well-meaning citizens who bring needed influence to the globalist climate change hoax.

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