State of Play: The importance of Owning Physical Gold and Silver

by: V
July 18, 2012

The global economic situation has been devolving at a faster pace than that which I can even keep up with. I have tried within these last reports/alerts to give “YOU” an in depth view into not only the inner workings of the highest echelons of decision making, but also the warnings of an impending collapse that will take those that are ill prepared and ill advised by surprise,leaving them “INCAPACITATED” and Destitute.

I will try here to outlay the clearest message that I can convey to you in the simplest terms and that is this: BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER AND SELL IT NOT.  The reasons are as follows:

1- The FED. Folks I don’t know how else to put it. The Fed is not audited and is not accountable to anyone. My source at the NY Fed  has confided in me and has let me know what I and many have suspected all along and that is this; the Fed continues to operate stimulus and bailouts  by stealth and by “other names” ALL of these bailouts go to multinational banks, sovereigns and the Wall Street Firms.  This continues to erode the value of the dollar and is one of the dominoes that will trigger the hyperinflationary depression that we are headed to.  I will again emphasize the value of Gold and Silver as a store of wealth as you should be finding the means to purchase them.

2. Euro- The Euro as of June 20th 2012 has been declared by the banking elites as a dead currency and they have exited it in earnest. What is left is a cluster  mess of all the bad debts and broken economies that pay homage to a citadel of bad ideas. Since the unofficial collapse of the Euro back in June. For the first time since it’s membership, German bonds are attracting a negative yield. Spain is a failed state and Greece is in a pandemic depression on the scale that would make Argentina blush. In other words nothing has changed. The Euro is dead and what is continuing is theater for the masses so the architects of this financial massacre can safely exit with their profits intact. All the while the elites are moving into Gold and there as it is here, the precious metal prices are being artificially kept low keeping the weak trader/investor holding his Physical or ETF with extremely loose grip. How do you think the fire sale of Greek and Spanish Hard assets and infrastructure is purchased? With Euros?! Of course not, these transactions are being paid in GOLD!!!

3- BRICS-  Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are forming continuing trade and economic ties without the dollar as a means of exchange. They are setting up their own currency swaps and LOCs. This system that they have set up will work even better when it is anchored by an accurate measure and that accurate measure is GOLD. The BRICS nations are the biggest buyers of that yellow metal, why do you think that is? Why do you think that India is devaluing their currency by design, raising import taxes on Gold and telling people to buy scrap metal instead? Simple, they have to cool down their economy as it was running too hot, this momentary currency devaluation will help them in the long run. They know this, they also know that Gold is running out, so is Silver, thus they are trying to get their population to buy base metals even scrap. China is having the some of the same problems. An overheated economy and a massive housing bubble, what is the fix? Simple, value the RENMINBI in Gold which spells lights out for the US. So to recap, the BRICS are buying gold at feverish pitch that should speak volumes to you, to do the same.

4- Supply- The amount of Gold and Silver that is left on this world is finite. With those in the know buying it up leaving very little inventory left for others. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be in precious metals. Folks I am going to make it real clear for you. IF you dont have it in your hands and be able to touch it, you don’t own it. Please exit the ETF markets (Paper Gold and Silver) while there is still time, please get out of paper. It is all over– there is nothing left now– except the theater of monetary madness and their lying  charades.



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