Falling Interest Rates Destroy Capital

via: ZeroHedge
by: Tyler Durden
July 21, 2012

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Submitted by Keith Weiner of ‘Gold and Silver and Money and Credit’ blog,

I have written other pieces on the topic of fractional reserve banking (http://keithweiner.posterous.com/61391483 andhttp://keithweiner.posterous.com/fractional-reserve-is-not-the-problem) duration mismatch, which is when someone borrows short-term money to lend long-term and how falling interest rates actually encourages duration mismatch (http://keithweiner.posterous.com/falling-interest-rates-and-duration-mis…).

Falling interest rates are a feature of our current monetary regime, so central that any look at a graph of 10-year Treasury yields shows that it is a ratchet (and a racket, but that is a topic for another day!).  There are corrections, but over 31 years the rate of interest has been falling too steadily and for too long to be the product of random chance.  It is a salient, if not the central fact, of life in the irredeemable US dollar system, as I have written (http://keithweiner.posterous.com/irredeemable-paper-money-feature-451).

Here is a graph of the interest rate on the 10-year US Treasury bond.  The graph begins in the second half of July 1981.  This was the peak of the parabolic rise interest rates, with the rate at around 16%.  Today, the rate is 1.6%.

Pathological Falling Interest Rates


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