Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects

July 23, 2012
Editor’s Note

A quick food for thought is that just as there was an identical drill in Colorado University when the Aurora shooting took place, 9/11 and the London Bombings on 7/7 also featured identical drills to the events that ensued on those unfortunate days.

Is this particular drill the modus operandi of those carrying out these twisted events out?  Or is it just another in a myriad of coincidences?


via: TheIntelHub
By Alex Thomas
July 23, 2012

In the last few days there has been numerous reports that seem to indicate that once again the government and corporate controlled media are directly lying and possibly covering up a “black op” that resulted in at least a dozen deaths during a premier screening of the new Batman movie at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Now, yet another startling revelation has come to light and, like other bits of evidence released in the last two days, this “coincidence” adds to a series of facts that bear all the hallmarks of a false flag.

On the same day as the Aurora massacre, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.

The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day.

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack.

“The irony is amazing, just amazing,” said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin.

This so called coincidence would be less startling on its own but when you consider all the other facts that have been released in the last two days, the number 1 suspect in the attacks has to be elements of our own government.

ABC News as well as other corporate media outlets initially reported multiple suspects before the official “story” was fed into the newsrooms by government and law enforcement officials.

In a report for theintelhub.com, Shepard Ambellas noted this fact:

James Holmes the alleged “Lone Wolf” gunman who opened fire in a Colorado theater at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie killed 12, and injured 50 in a MKULTRA style shooting spree that ended in his arrest.

However, eyewitnesses and press admitted early on that a second shooter was involved.

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