Holistic Communication: Even the alternative community isn’t ready for THIS

via: NaturalNews
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
By: Mike Bundrant

[NaturalNews] As the mainstream struggles to accept alternative health, even staunch supporters cry foul when introduced to holistic communication.

It may be that communicating with the whole person and respecting the underlying causes in the arena of interpersonal communication are simply too much for most everyone.

My fascination with holistic communication began in the 1980’s in high school psychology class. We were studying micro-expressions, the ever brief facial expressions that often contradict the primary verbal message.

I was fascinated that a person could speak the words “thank you” while their face simultaneously flashed a lightning-fast expression that said something more along the lines of “f*** you!” Intrigued, I learned to observe a new level of interaction, eventually studying the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and non-verbal communication.

Hidden feelings are nearly universal

People are rarely taught to value feelings, especially the darker or socially unacceptable kind. In fact, most children are punished for feeling resentful, angry, jealous, afraid, spiteful, rebellious, greedy, nervous, and so on.

Fearing rejection or punishment, people eventually learn to hide darker feelings, which quickly assume their position beneath words, breaking through to the surface – often at the most inopportune times – through facial expressions, voice tones, hard blinking, stiff posture and other non-verbal forms of communication.

Fortunately, most people pretend not to notice. We practice avoiding our own underlying, socially unacceptable feelings, as well as those of others! Who wants to deal with all the ugliness? The problem is, studies suggest that repressing emotions is harmful to your overall health, causing high stress and high blood pressure, among other health concerns.

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