Batman Shooter Displays Classic MKUltra Manipulation

via: OccupyCorporatism
by: Susanne Posel
July 25, 2012

James Holmes, the Batman shooter , was an intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies.

One of the mind control studies conducted at the Salk Institute, was inquiries into neurological activation and inactivation with regard to behavioral manipulation in monkeys. With the injection of an adeno-associated virus (AAV1), visual impairment and suggestive behavior was confirmed. These monkeys could be given suggestions that controlled their ability to perform physical and emotional functions. While this study is experimental, it is recommended that further study be conducted to know the wide range of effects and usefulness.

In 2006, Holmes was so impressive to those monitoring his progress that he was given laboratory experiments that would be under his oversight.

While at Salk, Holmes was, according to his resume , the author of computer programs where the utilization of flicker fusion , a form of mind control was being implanted in movies and video games.

Holmes wrote papers , entitled “Temporary Perceptions of Causality” during his time as a student on programming and mind control.

Considering Holmes’ background, it begins to piece together a puzzle that has begged questions about how this man could have committed this egregious act of mass murder for seemingly no reason at all .

Out of character, Holmes, who has no priors or criminal background, dyes his hair red, calls himself the Joker and becomes an automaton who behaves as if he is brainwashed and these acts and motivation has been implanted into his mind from an outside source.

Mind control techniques were perfected with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) use of MKUltra .

In 1977, the US Senate Committee on Health and Scientific Research investigated claims that the CIA were conducting mind control experiments in the 1950s; preformed on unwitting human subjects. Coincidentally, 16,000 pages of declassified CIA documents were released about MKUltra, the secret project into mind control techniques which ran from 1953 to 1964.

The CIA’s Technical Services Division was to provide the support for MKUltra experiments. They supplied any instruments, biological, disguises, chemicals, drugs, gadgets, that the agents required to conduct their experiments.

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