Israeli False Flag Setting the Stage for Bombing at 2012 Olympic Games

via: OccupyCorporatism
by: Susanne Posel
July 24, 2012

The Israeli government is bracing for an attack from Iran during the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London, England. The supposition, although without factual backing, is agreed to be a possibility by politicians, diplomats, security officials and organizing committee personnel.

Israeli alarmists are seeking to frame Iran to justify a future military strike by claim that England is within missile range from Iranian posts. UK officials have reportedly shown their apprehension over the possibility that Iran could be planning an attack.

An Israeli special team has released a number of steps to be taken in response to such an attack. They have prepared a special command center, secret safe houses for foreign leaders and emergency evacuation routes for dignitaries.

British police have been given these recommendations and focused on practicing for mass protests should war break out.

The UK government has charged thousands of employees to patrol their borders; which are now threatened by strikes due to massive shortage of private security staff.

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