Who’s Winning the War On You?

via: TheIntelHub
By Zen Gardner
July 26, 2012

We’re at war, and the enemy is us – a conscious, responsive humanity. World dominion cannot succeed with an awake, empowered population. We’re at a crucial time in history and right now the air is crackling with programmed anticipation, and that’s just how they planned it.

It’s all about our minds and hearts. The propaganda and staged events are triggers to shut you down.

We need to see through all this fabricated bullshit.

Showtime – The Bigger the Lie the Better

We’re witnessing the most massive peacetime militarization ever undertaken. Using false flags, false alerts and false enemies, the United States and England are leading the charge into a technological police state that far surpasses Orwell’s nightmare or Huxley’s drugged Brave New World.

Not only is the over-the-top London Olympics psychically begging for an incident while Israel spews their shrill “Iran’s gonna do it” campaign, but the US is wildly cranking up for a vicious war on its own people based on a completely fabricated series of false alerts and accusations used to justify their metastacizing Fascist “homeland security” gridlock.

Now fully augmented by the military a la the Olympics idiocy.   Get their drift?

All they need now is the right “justification” to make it permanent.

They’ve painted humanity into a psychological corner. 9/11 on steroids coming up. Prepare accordingly.

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  1. #1 by thejumbledmind on July 26, 2012 - 6:26 pm

    So true…frightening, but true.

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