High Fat Healing

via: GreenMedInfo
by: Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D.
July 27, 2012

Our scientific dogma says that the latest research is the closest to the truth; yet as soon as new research comes out, it will be obsolete. This paradigm always ignores context. For example, for the past 15 years it has become assumed truth that a low fat diet is a healthy diet.

The same people who thirty years ago used to urge us to eat plenty of meat and cheese, shifted to encourage us towards vegetables and low fat salad dressings. And the tide is turning once again: there is a great deal of emphasis on the importance of good fats and essential fatty acids, most notably the Omega 3 kind. My point here is that it is foolish to establish absolute and narrow rules, especially about single ingredients in diets. Context counts.

A low fat diet is good for people who have eaten lots of meat and cheese and fat during their lives; it will help them re-balance and return to a more healthful equilibrium. On the other hand, a low fat diet is bad for people who have been eating raw food, fruit and vegetables for most of their lives. Not only that, a high fat diet is good for people with neurological disorders, particularly seizures. Seizures are not uncommon among young children, especially those who have been vaccinated.

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