Big Banks Continue To Game the System With Public Money, Aided By the Fed

via: JessesCrossRoadsCafe
July 28, 2012

“The suspicions that the system is rigged in favor of the largest banks and their elites, so they play by their own set of rules to the disfavor of the taxpayers who funded their bailout, are true. 

It really happened. These suspicions are valid.”

Neil Barofsky, TARP Inspector General
The Fed is not the solution; the Fed is a creature of the biggest banks, and very much a part of the problem.

Once again we hear a lone voice of common sense, and reason for reform, in this case Sarah Bloom Raskin, speak out forcefully for reform.

You may recall ‘The Warning’ which featured Brooksley Born, who sounded the alarm about the growing dangers of the unregulated derivatives market during the Clinton Administration. And who was thwarted and bullied by team Greenspan-Summers-Geithner.

And you might remember how the Wall Street Banks used the NY Fed and the Treasury’s Tim Geithner to block the reforms proposed by the FDIC’s Sheila Bair.

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