The Weekend Vigilante July 28th, 2012

via: TheDollarVigilante
by: Jeff Berwick
July 28, 2012

Remember when the Flintstones went to Rockapulco?  Acapulco was the world’s first real tourist destination.  In the 1970s women would lose their mind on the Price is Right when they “won a trip to… Acccaappullccooo!”.  In 1963 Elvis filmed “Fun in Acapulco” although despite scenes of him on a boat on the bay and on the beach he never actually came here.  The entire movie was done via green screen!  And almost anyone who is anyone from Hollywood had or still has a house here.


But, let’s not talk about Acapulco today.  I am actually still trying to come to terms with what I saw yesterday during the Olympics opening ceremonies!

The great majority of it was fire, smoke, destruction, zombies, the grim reaper and ritualistic dancing and drumming… the drumming coming from a woman dressed like a witch, for some reason.

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