670 Million People In India Lose Power Amid Massive Black Out

July 31, 2012

A dilemma of such monumental proportions such as 670 Million People in India loosing power is something that strikes close to home.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, there were many power outages due to a large amount of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Sometimes we could go weeks without power if not longer.  Prepping 101 doesn’t get much more realistic than that.

Power outages are one of the many reasons why people should have a buffer of food & water of at minimum three months in order to be able to tackle such problems outright, and not risk being in a highly unstable and dangerous situation.

Hopefully this issue does not last long and the country can recover relatively quickly.  Either way, it serves as a great warning to those that carry a nonchalant ‘nothing could ever happen here’ type of an attitude.


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