Chavez trumps Obama on teaching people to be healthy

via: NaturalNews
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
by: J. D. Heyes

[NaturalNews] Not everything a dictator does is bad, right? That concept might be a hard sell in the United States, of course, where we’re not accustomed to bending to the will and whim of a dictator (though clearly, there are some dictator wannabe’s lurking within our own political system).

Still, you have to wonder if Hugo Chavez, the current dictatorial leader of Venezuela, isn’t ahead of the diet curve when it comes to comparing him to, say, our own president.

In a recent speech to Venezuelans, Chavez urged the people to shun sugary drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola and instead drink fruit juice – specifically, a domestically produced brand called Uvita, a grape juice made by Corpozulia.

Granted, Chavez’s motives are largely national; his appeal is grounded in increasing consumption of domestically produced goods and reducing imports of foreign-made products. Nevertheless, the cancer survivor has a history of advocating a healthier lifestyle for his people.

Lacking presidential leadership?

Often, during what can only be described as marathon speeches, Chavez can be heard urging his countrymen to eat and drink healthier by choosing better foods and avoiding things that can be harmful in excess, like drugs and alcohol, The Associated Press reported.

And when doing so, of course, Venezuelans should be turning to foods and drinks produced at home – which may be a little difficult, considering the South American nation imports most of what its countrymen consume.

What has President Barack Obama said lately about the nation’s collective health? Not much.

Though he was said to have finally quit smoking in 2010, the president doesn’t dispense much advice to the nation about its collective health problems, namely, its ever-expanding waistline.

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