Michigan Man with Math Skills Finds Way to Beat Lottery and Buys Gold with Winnings!

via: LibertyBlitzkrieg
by: Michael Krieger
August 1, 2012

Every now and again one of us serfs scores a victory against the parasitic elite.  In this case, it was Gerald Selbee, a 73 year old retired store owner from rural Michigan who figured out the edge on Michigan’s pick-5 game called Winfall.  He fleeced the game for nine years and then when they shut it down he moved to Massachusetts to exploit a similar game.  Now here is the best part.

What did he do with his share?
“Two of my grand kids graduated debt-free from the University of Michigan,” he said.
And for his personal satisfaction? He bought gold.

“I think devaluation of the dollar is a certainty,” he said. 

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