62 Schoolchildren Witness Alien Craft and Beings while Aging More than 5 Years

via: TheIntelHub
Source: AlienDigest
by: Johnny Phoenix
August 2, 2012

ZIMBABWE (RUWA) — It was a mid September day in 1964 at a local school when 62 children seemed to have aged five to twelve years during a morning recess break at the Ariel grade school.

Over 60 children from the school witnessed two unidentified flying objects (UFO) and several beings.

A child psychiatrist has interviewed the children in detail, some of the children mentioned;

“The noise, it was scary, it sounded like a flute”…. “We say a silver thing with a man standing next to it, I was scared…. the eyes were pointy…. it was scary, the eyes looked evil…. it just stared at me as it wanted to come take us.”

Teachers at the school realized that the entire group of children came back running and screaming as they all say the horrifying sight.

The alien beings apparently were telling the children through some type of ESP that the air was going to run out and the trees were going to die. Humans do not take care of the planet as they should one girl mentioned.

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