Go To Sleep Olympics 2012: What Mary Poppins, Nanny States & Lord Voldemort Have to Teach Us About Our Own Slavery

via: SilverVigilante
by: Hooper
August 3, 2012

Typical reactions to the 2012 Summer Olympics “Bedtime Story” performance have been “Awesome!” or “He shoots sparks out of his wand!” or some other exclamation of excitement and wonder. And it was awesome. It better have been for 42.5 million dollars worth of production. And that’s the official number.

42.5 million dollars worth of production was apparently well invested as it has thoroughly distracted the public from the real message of the opening ceremony. This would be funny, as it is a practical metaphor for the story onstage, were the message not so insidious.  In fact, listening to my friends reactions as they were taken in by the facade of the production reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite Broadway shows, Chicago.

In the scene, Roxie, who is on trial for murder (and guilty) has last minute jitters before her trial. Her lawyer, Billy, eases her mind with a little practical advice that, I think, could not be more appropriate for what we saw at the Olympics:

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