Your Guns Protect You… But How Are You Protecting Your Guns?

via: SGTReport
by: Mark S. Mann
August 4, 2012

This piece has been contributed exclusively for reader’s of SGTreport by our friend Mark, a firearms industry executive & part-time police officer. If you missed my in-depth interview with Mark in which we talk about the Second Amendment, Liberty and the UN gun ban treaty, please give it a listen, here. ~ SGT

Steps Every Gun Owner Should Take To Help Protect Their Guns & Gun Rights:

by Mark S. Mann,

Theft of legally owned firearms from gun owners is on the increase every year. The NRA, the Media or Law Enforcement never fully covers the severity and depth of this issue. Many of the guns used in crimes are those that our stolen out of the residences of legal gun owners. By taking a few easy and practical steps, you help prevent being a victim of gun theft, and help limit access to criminals that would use your firearms in the commission of a crime. By doing this, over the long term, it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on statistics of crime and gun violence, which are used to attack private gun ownership.

Don’t make it easy for Criminals, Gun Grabbing Police & Federal Agents, or UN Troops to just walk away with your firearms. What good was it having your firearms if they are stolen or easily confiscated when you need them most? If you lose your guns how can they protect you? You also need protect your guns.

This all starts with covering the following steps:

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