Critical Juncture – Thoughts Affect Matter

Suspicious Observers Channel:

Davil Wilcock — The Sourcefield Investigations

“Over a two-year period, groups of about seven thousand people gathered three different times — and during these meetings, they were able to reduce all acts of terrorism, worldwide, by a phenomenal 72 percent.”

“These people got together and meditated with thoughts of love & peace. Bear in mind that this was a scientific study, published, and accepted in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. They ruled out cycles, trends, weather, weekends, holidays and all other variables — the 72 percent reduction in terrorism had to be caused by them meditating, and nothing else.”

“The likely hood that this effect could have been caused by a “chance variation in crime levels” was less than two parts per billion, and all other factors — including temperature, precipitation, weekends, and police and community anticrime activities — were ruled out.”

“As of 1993, fifty different scientific studies had rigorously proven that this effect really works — over the preceding thirty years. They were published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals and showed the meditation had created improvements in health and quality of life, as well as decreases in accidents, crime, war and other such factors. I propose to this effect works because we’re all sharing the same mind to some degree.”

Global Consciousness — 911 [Related to the REGs and quoted from the above book]

“We find that over a period of 3 months, one date is associated with a statistical anomaly: September 11, 2001. On this date, the time range appearing most often [among the 37 computers] is 6 AM to 10 AM, peaking, peaking around 9:00 — 10:00 AM, and the location primarily the East Coast of the USA”

“When we are at peace, the randomness of the computer circuits becomes even more perfect — perhaps because the flow of electricity is much smoother and more coherent than usual.”

Lynne McTaggart — The Intention Experiment

“Cleve Backster was among the first to propose that plants are affected by human intention, a notion considered so preposterous that it was ridiculed for forty years. Backster achieved his notoriety from a serious of experiments that purported to demonstrate that living organisms read and respond to a person’s thoughts.”

“It was obvious to him that he needed to pose an immediate and genuine threat: he would get a match and burn the electrode leaf. At the very moment he had that thought, the recording pen swung to the top of the polygraph chart and nearly jumped off. He had not burned the plant; he had only *thought* of doing so.”

“This plant, it seemed had read his thoughts. This could have occurred only if the plant possessed some sort of sophisticated extrasensory perception. The plant somehow must be attuned to its environment, able to receive far more than pure sensory information from water or light.”

After the next experiment involving brine shrimp…

Backster and Henson tried their tests numerous times. The results were unambiguous — the polygraphs of the electroded plants spiked a significant number of times just at the point when the brine shrimp hit the boiling water. Years after he had made this discovery — and after he became a great fan of Star Wars — he would think of this moment as one in which his plants picked up a major disturbance in the Force, and he had discovered a means of measuring it. If plants could register the death of an organism three doors away, it must mean that all life-forms were exquisitely in tune with each other. Living things must be registering and passing telepathic information back and forth at every moment, particularly at moments of threat and death.”

Lynne McTaggart — The Bond


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