Words & Language Used As Weapons

It is sad that language is used as a weapon and to further many agendas when it can resonate so much profound good in our lives. The example below is an outstanding example of this.

“An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning ‘un-covering’), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.”

Additionally, another example of this would be the much-maligned word conspiracy, which literally stems from conspire, whose meaning literally means to breathe together.

Another word as such is co-incidence. The word incidence by itself is much used in its meaning to catalogue an occurrence. Co-incidence simply means subsequent instances. The fact that its used by many to mean ‘fluke’ or ‘by accident’ just goes to show how indoctrinated people are.

Then there is the issue of symbolism in plain site, such as when the shootings took place in Aurora & Sandy, which stems from Alexandria. And such as with one of the victims of the shooting named Vicki, which comes from the word Victoria.

What do all these have in common? They are names of Goddesses, and also not a fluke. All meant to carry a deeper meaning then that which we are often lead to believe.

Always be cognizant of what the lamestream media presstitute propaganda machine is portraying, ESPECIALLY if its saturated in our daily lives. The information is always right in the open. There is something always to learn, such as with the use of the words Mayan ‘Apocalypse’, which traditionally holds a negative connotation, and yet hold a deeper meaning.

• For those that might have a hard time comprehending the issue of language as a weapon, one can pose the question: Haven’t you ever told a person to go screw themselves [in the unedited version!] That is language as a weapon.
• Some people might understand weapons as things/items and such that cause bodily harm. And that is one definition of a weapon, but another definition is also anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim.
• We must also keep in mind that weapons can be used for many purposes.
• Offense or defense — you and another person
• To further agendas — media
• To gain control — verbally as a threat
• To instill fear [which dovetails into control, furthering agendas and offense – media
• These are only a fraction of what they can be used for.
• Examples of this are
• 9/11 with the use of the word terrorism. In order for the populace to give into their fears.
• Fiscal cliff currently. If this particular word is regurgitated relentless via the presstitutes in the media, you can bet anything that it’s been designed that way. Always remember when propaganda is in play, nothing happens by accident.
• What’s happening right now?
• The media, corporations & governments are using language as a weapon against its people.
• They are furthering their own agendas. [be it Brainwashing, or Big Pharma with meds, etc.]
• They are gaining control over our lives via these methods.
• Fear is permeated all throughout the world, thus controlling OUR reality, which lessens the quality of our life.
• Don’t fall for their antics! In order to live a better life, you have to recognize those that wish to bring you harm. That helps you decrease the fear in your life, which helps you decrease the entropy of our society, which leads to a better tomorrow.
• Always ask yourself, Cui bono, who benefits?

Always remember do your due diligence. Exercise extreme discernment and be relentless in your research.

Be safe take care & remember thoughts create & mold reality.


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