Tom Campbell – The Nature Of Consciousness & Reality

October 19, 2014

If you wish to learn more about the nature of reality and the inner workings of this Universe, please take a gander at the following video.

Tom Campbell wrote a book called ‘My Big Toe’ which covers his work and explains it for the left-brained crowd that might need a nuts-and-bolt understanding of this Universe.

In the following presentation, Mr. Campbell expounds upon his theory that this Universe that we live in is not only virtual, but evolves as well as it seeks to lower its entropy via the actions of all those living entities in this wondrous and yet abstruse world.

Part 1 follows bellow, but the presentation is sixteen parts in total.  As a side note, there is also a translator that can be heard in the background, but it should not detract from being able to learn and get the messages being shared.  Enjoy.

Tom Campbell In Mexico City – Part 1


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