Iodine – An Overlooked Nutrient

October 20, 2014

While doing the rounds on the interwebs about a week ago, the article penned by Dr. Mercola that was entitled How Iodine Deficiency May Affect Your Child’s Brain Function And IQ came up in my feed. This reminded me that a few years ago after the unfortunate event at Fukushima we became quite interested in the importance of iodine and its effect on radiation et al.

Iodine became even more important to us as someone close was diagnosed with thyroid issues, which goes hand in hand with Iodine deficiencies, among other things.  Upon realizing that iodine deficiency is so pervasive, we decided to learn as much as we could about this vital nutrient.

Some of the notable aspects of Iodine include how it helps us stabilize our metabolism and body weight, aids in the brain development of children, helps with fertility and it optimizes the immune system due its anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-cancer qualities.

With that said, here are some articles below that have been of help to us along with the presentation. Hopefully this proves as useful to some of you as it has to us.

How Iodine Deficiency May Affect Your Child’s Brain Function And IQ

Protecting Your Thyroid From Radiation With Natural Iodine

Thyroid Cancer & Iodine

Signs, Symptoms and Solutions For Poor Thyroid Function

As an adjunct, the video below is excellent information for those seeking further information on Iodine

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