B-12 Deficiency – An Unknown Plague

October 21, 2014

Many years ago, soon after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, one of the supplements that was recommended to me by my doctor at the time was B-12.

At the time, B-12 [nor many other vitamins] was not part of my supplementary repertoire. We as a family partook in the Standard American Diet [S.A.D.] which involved nothing nutritional, and everything that can be deleterious to one’s health. Yeah, tell me about it!

Although we continued taking B-12 for years after its initial recommendation, the real detriments of having insufficient B-12 would not become known to me until more than a decade after its first recommendation.

This is a vastly more important topic than people realize, because this affects countless [millions] more people than we know. Countless maladies can be caused by being vitamin B-12 deficient, and am speaking from experience [unfortunately] as it was found that I was highly B-12 deficient [even though supplementation was part of my daily health routine, although the amounts were inadequate obviously], which was causing a large series of issues with my health earlier this year.

Signs And Symptoms Of B12 Deficiency Include:

Tingling Or Numbness
Sore Mouth Or Tongue
Abnormal Gait
Mental Impairment
Visual Disturbances
Orthostatic Intolerance
Chest Pain
Difficulty Breathing
Elevated Homocysteine
Elevated MMA
Stomach & GI Problems
Blood Abnormalities
Neurological Lesions
Limp Movement Disorders
Thoughts Of Suicide

For more information on this remarkable vitamin and some of the complications that can arise due to deficiencies, please watch the Documentary below.

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