Everything We Know About Treating Depression Is Wrong

via: KellyBrogan
October 21, 2014

A few years ago it was related to me by a close friend that she had been depressed for quite some time.  She could not figure out what was prompting her state of being.

It just so happened that she opted to spend the summer back in her country in Europe, and one of the things she chose to do often was be outside and enjoy the sun.  Soon thereafter she found herself feeling livelier with every new day as she spent more and more time in the sun.

She then figured out that her Vitamin D levels were low, which is one deficiency that will cause depression.  Lo and behold, by being able to figure that out, she did not have to take medication [that has countless side effects] for a malady that was solved by in such a simple manner.

Vitamin D’s importance and the deficiencies is oft-overlooked by mainstream doctors. Not only does Vitamin D deficiency cause depression, but it also has been linked to cause pain, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

The video by Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D. below relates how everything that we know about depression is flawed.  Its a short video and well worth the watch.

In the age in which prescriptions are being dolled out at the tune of 4 Billion a year [about 13 medications for every person in America] its good not only to learn more about whatever possible dis-ease/imbalance might be causing your health issues, but also that often what can be done is correct nutritional imbalances rather than take toxic medications.


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