Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds

Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

Judge Striking Gavel While Holding Scale With MoneyOne of the tragic themes we hear in almost all of these medical kidnapping stories is that the judge in family court is so quick to approve CPS in their removal of the child from the parents.

CPS can enter a home without a warrant or court order, simply because there is a complaint that a child is in “imminent danger.” Often that complaint is from a doctor. Law enforcement is trained to cooperate with CPS, and the child is removed, by force if necessary.

Then it is up to the parents to fight it out in family court to get their child back.

Last year, Health Impact News covered the story of Alex and Anna Nikolaev in Sacramento California, who had their infant child seized by force and removed from their home, simply because they took their child out of a hospital, and brought him to a second hospital for a second opinion. They did not think they were getting good care at the first hospital. The doctor called the police, who arrived at the second hospital, where the child was being well cared for, so the police did nothing further.

The doctor at the first hospital, however, was not satisfied, and issued a complaint to CPS who arrived at the Nikolaev home the next day with armed police officers and literally grabbed the child out of the arms of the mother, while holding down the father outside at gunpoint, and then returned the child to the first hospital. (Story here.)

The local media caught wind of this story, and it caused a huge public outcry. When Alex and Anna arrived at court a few days later to appear before a judge and try to get their baby back, quite a few supporters had arrived at the court house.

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