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‘Lead-free’ jewelry for children found to be loaded with lead

via: NaturalNews
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
By: Willow Tohi

[NaturalNews] Last week, 16 jewelry retailers and suppliers were sued by the state of California for selling jewelry with more than 1,000 times the allowable lead, as lead-free. Many of the defendants are repeat offenders, and include manufacturers, shippers, sellers, distributors, and traders that do business in California.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has publicized this issue a great deal, and despite the public’s concern, they have traced hundreds of styles of jewelry that violate the lead standards to these defendants over the last three years. All of the jewelry was labeled as lead-free, or in compliance with lead standards. Some of the jewelry was intended for small children, who are especially susceptible to adverse health effects from exposure to lead.

Without regard to public safety

California’s attorney general is concerned that the unlawful practices of the defendants can result in acute and chronic health effects for adults and children. Toxic metal exposure can cause headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, anemia, loss of appetite, constipation, muscle soreness, and neurological impairments such as loss of balance, loss of ability to concentrate, seizures, encephalopathy, coma, even death.

For children, who are especially sensitive to lead poisoning since their bodies and brains are still developing, even mild cases could cause behavior problems, inattention, and learning disabilities, as well as a host of physical health effects. Lead in children’s jewelry is even more dangerous if it is placed in the mouth, as children are prone to do, or even swallowed, which would result in higher lead absorption.

Lead is used in jewelry for several reasons:

• It makes the base metal easier to shape
• It makes the jewelry feel heavier
• It’s cheaper to use than other metals
• It is sometimes used as a stabilizer in some plastics such as PVC, which is used in costume or children’s jewelry.

In California, children’s jewelry cannot contain lead content exceeding 600 parts per million. The legal state limit for adult jewelry is 60,000 parts per million. Most of the tested pieces were several hundred times over those limits.

Attorney General Harris says the defendants are selling their stuff in pursuit of profit, without regard for public safety. She is seeking injunctions and civil penalties.

Not just lead  cadmium too

There are still a lot of products on the market with high levels of two neurotoxins: lead and cadmium, which can cause permanent brain damage. Cadmium in another metal to watch for in children’s jewelry. Cadmium is more often associated with cigarette smoke than jewelry. It is highly toxic and is a known human carcinogen. Earlier this year the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) chairwoman warned parents against buying cheap jewelry for their kids, such as that from dollar stores or gumball dispensers, and even places like Claire’s, Walmart, and other chain stores. A lot of the jewelry on the market that doesn’t meet the safety requirements of no more than 0.03 percent cadmium by weight was made in China. Most jewelry tested for cadmium exceeded the CPSC’s proposed limits by more than 100 times.

Several watchdog organizations are in the process of cracking down on cadmium as well as lead. Some states are cracking down too, such as California and Rhode Island. There are still no federal regulations on safe levels of these metals. Over the last decade, there have been approximately 5,000 emergency room visits each year by children who had swallowed inexpensive jewelry. Parents can check recall lists and the CPSC website for information on unsafe products, but it’s easier and safer to just take away any cheap metal jewelry.

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Chlorella and cilantro for amazing daily detox and maintenance

Natural News
Thursday, March 08, 2012
By: Paul Fassa

[NaturalNews] The more you read NaturalNews and other health sites that are truthful, real, and don’t pull punches, the more you’re probably realizing that we are all under siege with toxins — especially heavy metals — in our air, water, and food.

Heavy or toxic metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and aluminum degenerate the body’s immune system, leading to poor health and disease. If you have dental amalgams (mercury fillings) for example, you are inadvertently releasing mercury vapors into your body.

According to a Japanese study, cancer cells all contain mercury. Removing mercury fillings is tricky and dangerous, unless you can find and afford a holistic or biological dentist.

Regardless of what we do to minimize toxins and pollutants in our food, water, domiciles, cosmetics and household cleaners, there are endless amounts of environmental toxins to battle on a daily basis; this doesn’t include the residual toxic buildups in our bodies from earlier in our lives.

So what thenshouldwe do? Detoxify heavy metals continually, daily. Here’s one relatively inexpensive, effective method that’s quite simple to do on a daily basis — consuming chlorella and cilantro as often as possible.

Chlorella: superfood and detox combo

Chlorella’s detox abilities have been tested in several nations, including Russia. A test of 350 foundry workers in Russia demonstrated that chlorella not only removed specific metals involved with foundry work: it removed all heavy metals.

Chlorella is an algae comprised of single cells no larger than 10 microns. It is easily cultivated in fresh water ponds exposed to sunlight, but the cell walls are so tough thattheir nutrients and detox abilities are hardly bioavailable.

That’s where the processing comes in, butnot with heat, chemicals or other additives; the processing necessary involves breaking the cell walls with a special milling process or rapid pressure change method.

Amazingly, chlorella cells are able to bind with heavy metal molecules and usher them out of the body. They actually differentiate between toxic heavy metals and other toxins while leaving mineral nutrients alone.

In addition to its detox abilities, chlorella is one of nature’s best super foods. It contains all the amino acids, providing easy-to-digest protein. It also contains vital minerals such as magnesium and iron. The high level of chlorophyll in chlorellahelps optimize oxygen into blood intake.

Chlorella also does wonders for balancing live tissues. It is used and praised by Mike Adamsas a superfood you shouldn’t do without it. You can download the Health Ranger’s ebook here:

After getting some ideas on how much chlorella to use, you can order chlorella here:(

Add a dash of cilantro

Raw, organic cilantro ischeap and easy to add into juice or make into pesto to give you an extra mercury elimination boost. When mercury was found in patients’ urine in an Indonesian clinic, soup with cilantro was discovered to help eliminate theheavy metal.

If you’re really overwhelmed by heavy metal toxins, you may need to be cautious about toxins relocating elsewhere in the body. In that case, elimination needs to be encouraged by heavy sauna sweating or coffee enemas (

Since toxins tend to get stored in fats, it’s a good idea to work on losing body fat as well. But normally, a heavy intake of chlorella can help break up the toxins locked intofats. It’s hard to go wrong with chlorella and cilantroas mercury detox superfoods.


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New FDA analysis finds lead in all 400 lipstick products tested

Via: Natural News
By: Tony Isaacs
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 |

[NaturalNews] An analysis commissioned by the FDA of 400 popular lipstick products has alarmingly found at least some lead in every single product. The amount of lead found in 380 of the lipstick products tested was greater than the maximum 0.1 parts per million (ppm) allowed in candy bars – in some instances as much as 70 times greater. However, the FDA stated that it did not consider the lead content to represent any danger because lipstick is not intended to be ingested.
Apparently, the FDA chose to ignore the obvious fact that eating, kissing or drinking with lipstick can lead to ingestion of some of the lipstick. Likewise, the FDA also chose to overlook the fact of how easily items are absorbed into the skin – which is why so many medications are applied transdermally in skin patches, creams and oils. One obvious example is the nicotine patch used to help wean smokers from cigarettes.

In recent years, health destroying toxins have been increasingly identified in beauty and body care products and reports of lead in lipstick date back to the 1990s. The recent FDA analysis is an expansion of a previous analysis performed in 2007 which was spurred on by testing performed by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics on 33 shades of red lipstick. The campaign found that 20 of the tested shades contained lead in excess of the maximum amount allowed in candy bars.


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