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Pride in America the Stupid

via: TheIntelHub
by: Satre
July 9, 2012

Anyone who has ever injected politics into a discussion knows that it guarantees controversial discourse. People agree on very little, these days. It was not always that way. Once upon a time, there was a basic consensus on fundamental core worldviews.

God was revered, natural law was accepted and tyranny was despised.

Now, we live in perpetual chaos after burying the Almighty, discarding traditional values and tolerating permanent despotism. What remains is politics conducted as a fantasy sport game. Avoidance of reality is the source of national pride.

Just look to the first couple of political spin Mary Matalin and James Carville. Their bequest is a version of doctrine that produces nothing useful. Both have built their careers on perfecting the art of lying. Each is a patron for a different family of the criminal government syndicate.

After all the shouts and raving, both smell of a lap dog in heat.

For political junkies watching their duet gets old with every episode of disinformation. No wonder so many citizens vote for apathy by staying away from the election booth.

Yet, even the concept that voting is a serious expression of citizen participation seems mistaken when the results of elections never change anything for the better.

Those who still engage in the election charades get frustrated or cynical. Only the party hacks celebrate victory for the political class. An assessment on American Political Attitudes and Participation, is an obscenely absurd viewpoint of the state of political affairs.

“Although Americans share some broad agreements on basic political values, such as liberty, equality, and justice, they reflect a wide range of political attitudes, from highly conservative ideologies to very liberal ones. Despite their differences, modern Americans share one other political view — they are highly critical of politicians, and they have high expectations for their government and their elected leaders.”

High expectations from government and elected officials are so devoid from sensibility that any proponent that suggests that the country retains any semblance of legitimacy needs to seek professional mental health treatment. In addition, does anyone really believe that the public is truly committed to the principles of liberty, equality, and justice? Get real . . .

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U.S. Intelligence Agencies Agree: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

The Intel Hub
By Madison Ruppert
February 25, 2012

Despite the repeated statements made by United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta which have clearly indicated thatIran is not developing nuclear weaponsand the analysis of the American intelligence community, the heated anti-Iranian rhetoric never seems to let up.

Indeed, it has even been reported by none other than the New York Times that intelligence analysts in America have yet to find any hard evidence indicating that Iran has even decided to construct a nuclear bomb.

American intelligence assessments have continued to be congruent with the 2007 intelligence report which clearly concluded that Iran had in fact completely abandoned their nuclear program years before (scroll to the bottom of the article to read the embedded report).

According to anonymous U.S. officials, this assessment was reinforced by the 2010 National Intelligence Estimate and “it remains the consensus view of America’s 16 intelligence agencies.”

So, how can the governments of the United States and Israel continue to ignore their own intelligence agencies and nonsensically push forward with the effort to go to war with Iran?

If nothing else, it has become painfully clear that our so-called leaders are ignoring any and all contrary evidence which might weaken their war effort and making the relentless push towards war.

Given that American intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have concluded that the Iranian nuclear weapons program was likely halted all the way back in 2003 and Panetta himself has debunked the Iranian nuclear myth, it becomes evident that they have no interest in the truth.

To make matters even worse, it appears that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an agency of the United Nations (UN) has now become little more than a tool of the warmongering factions of Western governments.

Recently the IAEA claimed that Iran had actually accelerated their nuclear program, increasing their production of highly enriched uranium and refused to answer some of the agency’s key questions about their program.

In their report issued Friday, the director-general of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, said that their inspectors continue “to have serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Apparently Amano and the IAEA know better than one of the best funded and arguably the most powerful intelligence community on the planet.

“As Iran is not providing the necessary cooperation … the agency is unable to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,” Amano stated.

To any thinking person, this statement should be laughable. That’s like me saying that my neighbor cannot provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared thirty foot tall spiders in his garage, and therefore I cannot conclude that my neighbor is peaceful.

If the IAEA is worried about “undeclared nuclear material and activities” they should be focusing their efforts solely on Israel, not Iran.

According to Reuters, even though the IAEA’s report was far from conclusive and the preponderance of the American intelligence community has dismissed the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, the latest report from the nuclear agency “will further inflame Israeli fears the Islamic Republic is pushing ahead with atomic bomb plans.”

“The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency gives added proof that Israeli beliefs are true” about Iran’s nuclear program, a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said, according to AFP.

My favorite part of that statement is the usage of the world “beliefs,” since that is exactly what it is. It is not based on fact or logic but instead blind faith and a belief that Iran is this bloodthirsty, genocidal nation relentlessly seeking nuclear weapons.

Of course, none of that is true but apparently Netanyahu has no interest in the truth, either.

“Iran is pursuing its nuclear program with no end in sight. It is enriching uranium to 20 percent, totally ignoring demands by the international community,” Netanyahu also said.

Israeli leadership – especially Netanyahu – pointing to the demands of the international community is painfully ironic. Israel regularly rejects the opinion of the international community in their oppression of Palestinians, raids on humanitarian aid flotillas and more.

The White House has also jumped on the report as more fuel for the anti-Iranian fire. They stated that Iran was in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions with their nuclear enrichment efforts, even though their own intelligence assets have said that there is no weapons program.

“When combined with its continued stonewalling of international inspectors, Iran’s actions demonstrate why Iran has failed to convince the international community that its nuclear program is peaceful,” Tommy Vietor, the White House National Security Council spokesman said.

The problem here is that Vietor is not speaking for the international community; he is merely speaking for the National Security Council – the same group that makes the call to murder American citizens without charge or trial.

There is no arguing against the reality of the Iranian nuclear program and their efforts to enrich nuclear fuel.

However, the problem arises when one makes the leap of faith required to come to the conclusion that Iran is developing nuclear weapons or their program is anything other than peaceful.

Iran is a sovereign nation and as such, the West has absolutely no right to tell them that they cannot pursue peaceful nuclear technology.

Thanks to the American intelligence community, yet another blow to the anti-Iranian propaganda has been dealt but obviously the leaders of the Western world care not about these facts.

Hopefully the real international community can take note of the truth and ignore the insane delusions of our so-called leaders who are making the relentless push to bring us to war.


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Two US Senators Call For Arming Syrian Opposition Filled With al Qaeda Terrorists

By: The Intel Hub
February 20, 2012

US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, speaking at a news conference in Kabul Afghanistan, outlined their support and demands that the US openly arm Syrian opposition forces fighting to topple the Assad regime.

The demands come despite recent acknowledgements by top US counter terrorism officials that al Qaeda operatives have infiltrated the Syrian opposition and have carried out terror attacks against the Assad led Syrian government.

A recent New York Times article outlined the Syrian proposals while conveniently ignoring the Syrian opposition forces clear connection with al Qaeda. (An organization used to systematically destroy civil liberties throughout the United States)

The senators, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, both Republicans, laid out a series of diplomatic, humanitarian and military aid proposals that would put the United States squarely behind the effort to topple President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

The senators, both of whom are on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that rebel fighters deserved to be armed and that helping them take on the Syrian government would aid Washington’s effort to weaken Iran.

Syria relies on Iran for financial and military support, and the governments in Damascus and Tehran have sectarian ties as well: Iran has strongly backed the Syrian Shiite minority and the offshoot Alawite sect that makes up Syria’s ruling class.

“I believe there are ways to get weapons to the opposition without direct United States involvement,” Mr. McCain said. “The Iranians and the Russians are providing Bashar Assad with weapons. People that are being massacred deserve to have the ability to defend themselves.”

“So I am not only not opposed,” he said, “but I am in favor of weapons being obtained by the opposition.”

Sadly the American people are once again being duped into supporting our supposed enemies.

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