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November 12, 2014


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• Traditionally, rules are seen as something very detrimental. And it can be. But that is looking at the world from a fear based reality.
• Are rules bad? Daily lives require rules! [To clothe yourself, be safer, better relationships, life more efficiently, etc.]
• Rules make you stronger, even if their original purpose was negative.
• Rules are based on choices. Good choices usually mean good outcomes, bad choices usually mean bad outcomes. In similar fashion, good rules usually lead to good outcomes, bad rules usually lead to bad outcomes. But BOTH can lead to GOOD outcomes. That is when you have a world at your disposal to better yourself.
• Rules force us to Think. Thinking makes us better at recognizing good & bad and additional issues.
• By recognizing how to break down and see a rule for what it is, we can better ourselves by using this gift to sharpen our intellect, which leads to a better structure in your personal life, and better outcomes more often than not thereafter.
• Yes, the Government and those with agendas give us rules MEANT to our detriment. There are many examples of this. That does not mean you cannot CHOOSE to better yourself from it. Many do not do this. Everything is a choice though.
• Choose — Fear or love? To learn or not? It’s up to you.
• Take care be safe & don’t give into fear.

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