Blog Purpose

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.”
– Plato

This blog is for those seeking alternative reasons of understanding for certain detrimental issues society is and has been facing for quite some time. The information provided is not meant to convince you however. It is extremely encouraged that you do research – extensive research at that – and arrive at your own conclusions based on the totality of what you have chosen to take a gander at and synthesize for further learning.

There is a rather eclectic range of websites/articles/information shared or mirrored on this website for a very good reason. Society and life is vastly more breathtaking then just the areas of politics/race/religion/finance.

Just because a given topic is uncomfortable, doesn’t take away from the writers/authors/researchers that have spent a great portion of their lives to try and bring what they have found to be truth to the forefront. That in it of itself does not make what they say true – only you and your instincts/intellect can figure that out. It does however give some counter balancing to some of the ‘facts’ mentioned by the mainstream media machine.

Beyond that, the breath and scope of all topics shared [and more] can be rather boundless, and time consuming to digest and research through. With that said, use what is useful and discard what is not.

Good luck, take care and be safe.

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