Back From Cryosleep – Have A New Blog Called ‘The Breakaway’

Okay old timers, friends, associates, counterparts and web surfers you.  Its been a long time this blog has been used, and that is due to a myriad reasons.  But being an agent of reverse-chaos, couldn’t help but gravitating towards this sanctum of mine.

In any case, a few months ago ended up myself starting another blog [go figure?] in order to share very similar information.  However, was met with some slight censorship as per usual.

How to solve this issue?  Run two blogs of course.  Can’t be giving up yah know.  Especially given how much work’s been put into this blog as well as research aided by many of you.

For those interested, the address of the new blog is:

Will be writing/mirror many articles in that blog that are of vital importance.  With that said, for now this particular blog will go from sharing many pieces of information to information personally written by myself.  This is to have one blog run personal musings and such, while the other one runs everything.

Just thought this should be posted to clarify to absence as well as the new direction we’re heading into.

Hope you are all well.

And remember, everything is a choice.

Do your research, and make the right choice.

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