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Documentary Of The Week – Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality

via: TheRedPillGuide
November 9, 2014

“If you have a gulfball sized consciousness…when you read a book you’ll have a golfball size understanding…When you look out, a golfball size awareness, and when you wake up in the morning…a golfball size weightfulness…But if you could expand that consiousness…then you read the book…more understanding, you look out, more awareness…when you wake up, more weightfulness.  It’s consciousness.  And there is an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of us.  And its right at the source and base of mind, right at the source of thought – It’s also at the source of matter.”

To understand the world around us, we must take a deeper look into what composes our very reality.  To comprehend our very reality, we need to discern which laws the universe follows.

Once we begin to understand the components which make this grand dream we call life, a larger picture is webbed – one of beautiful & endless information.  Yet, this information is malleable by mere thought, for intent itself – consciousness – is what drives the universe.


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Tom Campbell – The Nature Of Consciousness & Reality

October 19, 2014

If you wish to learn more about the nature of reality and the inner workings of this Universe, please take a gander at the following video.

Tom Campbell wrote a book called ‘My Big Toe’ which covers his work and explains it for the left-brained crowd that might need a nuts-and-bolt understanding of this Universe.

In the following presentation, Mr. Campbell expounds upon his theory that this Universe that we live in is not only virtual, but evolves as well as it seeks to lower its entropy via the actions of all those living entities in this wondrous and yet abstruse world.

Part 1 follows bellow, but the presentation is sixteen parts in total.  As a side note, there is also a translator that can be heard in the background, but it should not detract from being able to learn and get the messages being shared.  Enjoy.

Tom Campbell In Mexico City – Part 1

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Words & Language Used As Weapons

It is sad that language is used as a weapon and to further many agendas when it can resonate so much profound good in our lives. The example below is an outstanding example of this.

“An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning ‘un-covering’), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.”

Additionally, another example of this would be the much-maligned word conspiracy, which literally stems from conspire, whose meaning literally means to breathe together.

Another word as such is co-incidence. The word incidence by itself is much used in its meaning to catalogue an occurrence. Co-incidence simply means subsequent instances. The fact that its used by many to mean ‘fluke’ or ‘by accident’ just goes to show how indoctrinated people are.

Then there is the issue of symbolism in plain site, such as when the shootings took place in Aurora & Sandy, which stems from Alexandria. And such as with one of the victims of the shooting named Vicki, which comes from the word Victoria.

What do all these have in common? They are names of Goddesses, and also not a fluke. All meant to carry a deeper meaning then that which we are often lead to believe.

Always be cognizant of what the lamestream media presstitute propaganda machine is portraying, ESPECIALLY if its saturated in our daily lives. The information is always right in the open. There is something always to learn, such as with the use of the words Mayan ‘Apocalypse’, which traditionally holds a negative connotation, and yet hold a deeper meaning.

• For those that might have a hard time comprehending the issue of language as a weapon, one can pose the question: Haven’t you ever told a person to go screw themselves [in the unedited version!] That is language as a weapon.
• Some people might understand weapons as things/items and such that cause bodily harm. And that is one definition of a weapon, but another definition is also anything used against an opponent, adversary, or victim.
• We must also keep in mind that weapons can be used for many purposes.
• Offense or defense — you and another person
• To further agendas — media
• To gain control — verbally as a threat
• To instill fear [which dovetails into control, furthering agendas and offense – media
• These are only a fraction of what they can be used for.
• Examples of this are
• 9/11 with the use of the word terrorism. In order for the populace to give into their fears.
• Fiscal cliff currently. If this particular word is regurgitated relentless via the presstitutes in the media, you can bet anything that it’s been designed that way. Always remember when propaganda is in play, nothing happens by accident.
• What’s happening right now?
• The media, corporations & governments are using language as a weapon against its people.
• They are furthering their own agendas. [be it Brainwashing, or Big Pharma with meds, etc.]
• They are gaining control over our lives via these methods.
• Fear is permeated all throughout the world, thus controlling OUR reality, which lessens the quality of our life.
• Don’t fall for their antics! In order to live a better life, you have to recognize those that wish to bring you harm. That helps you decrease the fear in your life, which helps you decrease the entropy of our society, which leads to a better tomorrow.
• Always ask yourself, Cui bono, who benefits?

Always remember do your due diligence. Exercise extreme discernment and be relentless in your research.

Be safe take care & remember thoughts create & mold reality.

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Accused Batman shooter was seeing ex-Air Force psychiatrist before massacre

via: NaturalNews
Wednesday, August 08, 2012
By: Ethan A. Huff

[NaturalNews] Newly uncovered documents have revealed that James Holmes, the man who is being accused of murdering 12 people in cold blood and injuring 58 others at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, had apparently been seeing a psychiatrist prior to the tragic massacre. The U.K.’s Independent reports that 24-year-old Holmes had been under the care of Dr. Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado (CU) who is also a member of the campus threat assessment team.

The information surfaced after Holmes’ attorneys filed a court order with an Arapahoe County district judge petitioning for prosecutors to turn over information about the contents of a package Holmes allegedly sent to Dr. Fenton in recent weeks. Reports indicate that the package, when discovered, was quickly confiscated by authorities, and the content kept under wraps. But because Holmes was a patient of Dr. Fenton, his attorneys are petitioning to have his private communications with her handed over to them and protected from exploitation.

During this time, various media sources have been leaking details about the supposed contents of the box, as well as a second box that Holmes allegedly sent. According to a recent Fox News report; for instance, one of the packages allegedly contained a notebook with drawings that outlined the plan for the massacre. A supposed “unnamed law enforcement source close the investigation” said the notebook, the existence of which has not been confirmed, contained images of stick figures shooting other stick figures.

Mainstream media engaged in full-scale Batman shooting misinformation campaign

But since Judge William Sylvester, who is presiding over the case, has issued a gag order on the case, none of this information can be confirmed or denied, and is merely conjecture. Those leaking it are also jeopardizing Holmes’ rights to due process and a fair trial by an unbiased jury by injecting potentially false notions about his behavior, which in turn casts him in the light of being guilty until proven innocent. And this is not, of course, how the American legal system is supposed to operate.

In response to the defense filings, prosecutors in the case have dubbed the leaked information as “factual errors,” and say that the law enforcement sources, at least the ones referenced by Fox News, are wholly “fake.” Because of the gag order, mainstream media sources are essentially free to report whatever they feel like reporting since authorities are not at liberty to confirm or deny any of it, which is turning the entire case into an overblown media circus.

Meanwhile, since the revelation concerning Holmes’ consultations with Dr. Fenton emerged, CU has greatly modified Dr. Fenton’s personal biography webpage, after removing it for several days. The school appears to have scrubbed the fact that Dr. Fenton had been reprimanded on several occasions for prescribing psychotropic drugs without valid prescriptions, some of which Holmes allegedly admitted he was taking at the time of his arrest outside the Century 16 theater.

There are also many holes in the case that scream “false flag,” or deliberate setup for an undisclosed but malicious purpose. Be sure to analyze for yourself the information we have gathered and presented in recent days:

Sources for this article include:

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In Order To Be Saved, Spain And Italy Must First Be Destroyed

via: ZeroHedge
by: Tyler Durden
August 4, 2012

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There has been much confusion over last week’s remarks by Mario Draghi, with the prevailing narrative being that the market first got what Draghi meant wrong (when it plunged), then right (when it soared). The confusion is further granulated by attempts to explain what was merely a desperate attempt at delaying a decision for action, which was inevitable considering the now open opposition by Buba’s Weidmann, into a formal and planned plotline: “Inverse Twist” or other such technical jargon is what we have seen floating around. The reality is that, just like all other central bankers, Draghi did what he does best: use big words and threats of action in hope it will buy him a few extra days of time. The reality is also that, just like when the LTRO was announced, the market did get it right initially, when peripheral bonds plunged, and got it wrong over the subsequent 3 monthswhen bond prices rose, only to collapse to new lows (and in the case of Spain – record high yields as of two weeks ago). Back then, the ECB merely bought a few months time with itstransitory intervention. This time it has at best bought a few days with the lack of any actual action. And yet, Draghi didleave a way out, for at least another brief respite (where unless Europe expands the available bailout machinery yet again, the respite will have an even briefer half life than that from the LTROs). The way out is simple, and in order to avoid any confusion, we will use an allegory from the movie Batman: Spain and Italy can be saved. But first they must be destroyed.

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The Problem With Fractional Reserve Banking

via: ZeroHedge
by: Tyler Durden
August 3, 2012

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Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

John Tamny and the Problem with Fractional Reserve Banking

John Tamny of Forbes is one of the more informed contributors in the increasingly dismal state of economic commentating.  Tamny readily admits he is on the libertarian side of things and doesn’t give into the money-making game of carrying the flag for a favored political party under the guise of a neutral observer.  He condemns the whole of the Washington establishment for our current economic woes and realizes that government spending is wasteful in the sense that it is outside the sphere of profit and loss consideration.  In short, Tamny’s column for both Forbesand are a breath of fresh air in the stale rottenness of mainstream economic analysis.

Much to this author’s dismay however, Tamny has written a piece that denies one of the key functions through which central banks facilitate the creation of money.  In doing so, he lets banks off the hook for what really can be classified as counterfeiting.  In a recent Forbes column entitled “Ron Paul, Fractional Reserve Banking, and the Money Multiplier Myth,” Tamny attempts to bust what he calls the myth that fractional reserve banking allows for the creation of money through credit lending.  According to him, it is an extreme exaggeration to say money is created “out of thin air” by fractional reserve banks as Murray Rothbard alleged.  This is a truly outrageous claim that finds itself wrong not just in theory but also in plain evidence.  Not only does fractional reserve banking play a crucial role in inflationary credit expansion, it borders on being outright fraudulent.

So what exactly is ethically wrong with fractional reserve banking?  In his book Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycleseconomist Jesus Huerta de Soto explains that the clear distinction between what would be considered demand deposits and savings available for loans has been enforced in banking history dating all the way back to ancient Greece.

Demand deposits were considered those deposits which banking customers believe they have direct access to at any time.  Because of the fungible nature of currency, identical gold coins did not have to be redeemable to the original depositing parties.   Deposits which were used to lend to entrepreneurs for a fixed amount of time were understood to be off limits by the patrons who provided them.  Typically the saver who placed his money in a bank for a specified period of time would do so to profit from a predetermined rate of interest. Under this system of strict separation between demand deposits and deposits used for lending, a duration mismatch, or a bank not having enough money on hand to pay all demand deposits, will not occur.  Back in the days of Ancient Greece and Rome, it was always considered fraudulent for bankers to lend out money put in their possession for safekeeping though that didn’t stop some who couldn’t resist earning a nice profit.

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The Batman op expands: you shot those people

via: NaturalNews
Friday, August 03, 2012
By: Jon Rappoport

[NaturalNews] The Batman-murder psy-op is expanding.

It aims to blow up one horrible crime into a vicious general lie.

Now we’re told that a U of Colorado “threat assessment team” was aware of “problems with James Holmes” in June, a month before he committed murder and mayhem in the Aurora theater.

The covert op is unfolding. “Threat assessment team” is a way of claiming that problems Holmes was having are not unique to him; in fact, this is a society-wide problem. Otherwise, why would a threat assessment team exist in the first place?

And what is the supposed problem? Mental illness. It’s a chronic epidemic.

The subliminal psyop asserts that derangement is in the nature of the human condition; more specifically, it’s in the nature of the brain.

“Threat assessment team” becomes a symbol that lets the public know the Batman murders are a symptom of a wider situation. According to the promoted story line, we the people need threat assessment teams, and not just at the U of Colorado.

The op called the Aurora massacre isn’t just about taking people’s guns away. It’s about inventing a pressing need for controlling mental illness before it manifests as violence.

And once that fallacious concept is planted, the psyop pros can not only suggest we have to snitch on “suspicious behavior,” they can demand the government expand threat assessment throughout society in order to make predictions and grab people and “treat” them before they spin out of control and do something horrible.

Who assesses and predicts threat? Who develops algorithms that can identify potential murderers among us? Psychiatrists.

In 1988, in my book, AIDS INC., I warned that fascism would stand the best chance of spreading across the world through medical operations, because “medical science” flies no partisan political banners, seems to take no side, appears to be all about objective research and healing.

So YOU are reinvented as a potential Batman murderer. You could go off. You could snap. You could fall victim to a brain malfunction. You could give way to your darker impulses. No one is immune.

Therefore, I have to be protected from you, and you have to be protected from me.

That’s the lie and that’s the op.

What is the op hiding? The fact that the psychiatric drugs cause violence. It’s not mental illness. It’s the drugs used to treat invented and concocted and fabricated “mental disorders.”

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